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diedandreborn: (the way that you act)

We died and were reborn and then mysteriously saved

and thirty stories how

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Name:la petite mort
Location:on the road and in the studio, (states/regions/territories)
Website:The List
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sex:afteralongdelay, sex:aftertheshow, sex:angry, sex:asseenfromanotherpov, sex:asteenagers, sex:atsomeoneelse'sshow, sex:becausetheycan'tnotanymore, sex:drunkand/orstoned, sex:fast, sex:forthefirsttime, sex:inaconfinedspace, sex:inanau, sex:inchicago, sex:inpublic, sex:inthebackseat, sex:inthebunks, sex:inthehotel, sex:inthehousetheyshare, sex:invegas, sex:lazy, sex:nevermakingitpastkissing, sex:onfilm/photo, sex:onthephone, sex:ontourinanothercountry, sex:outside, sex:quietly, sex:standingup, sex:tomakeup, sex:tosaygoodbye, sex:tosayhello
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